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Only one Concurrent Enrollment (CE) course will be provided during each QuESTT Summer College session. Beginning with the 2013 Summer College session, three CE courses will rotate each summer to accommodate rising juniors, rising seniors and serve as a 3-hour course for Bridge students. The CE rotation schedule is listed below.

Session CE Course
2013  Introduction to Speech Communications (SPCH 1113)
2014  Introductory Psychology  (PSYC 1113)
2015  Humanities I  (HUM 1013)
2016  Introduction to Speech Communications  (SPCH 1113)
2017   Introductory Psychology  (PSYC 1113)


Bridge students will enroll in two 3-hour college courses: the history class listed below, the 3-hour CE course that is offered above, and a 1-hour College Orientation course.

Bridge Course
U.S. History since 1865  (HIST1493)
College Orientation  (ORIE 1011)


A student who takes advantage of Concurrent Enrollment during his/her rising junior Summer College session, his/her rising senior Summer College session, and his/her Bridge Summer College session can earn 13 college hours prior to official college enrollment in the fall. All college courses offered during the QuESTT Summer College sessions are transferrable to the student's college of choice. Tuition for these courses is paid for by OSUIT.

Session College Hours Available Credit Hours
Rising Juniors  1 Concurrent Course 3
Rising Seniors  1 Concurrent Course 3
Bridge Students

 1 Concurrent Course
 1 Bridge Course
 1 College Orientation Course

  Total Hours 13



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